Create compelling stamp products that:

    • Tie in with the issuance of the stamps being issued at that time, (e.g. a new set of four USPS “constellation” stamps were issued)
    • Are educationally based and teach children ages 8-12 to learn about the stamps
    • Reinforce stamp collecting

    Develop a product package that showcased the product well as stamp related products are primarily impulse purchases:

    • Product: Conceptual development, creative development and execution of mobile, production, packaging and pricing strategy
    • Product Inserts: Creative development, execution of inserts and production
    • Logo Development: Creative development and execution of umbrella logo for personalized stamp products “Put Your Stamp on It”

    One example of our work (which was one (1) of multiple stamp topic areas for which we developed products as shown below), a 15”x 24” large rotating mobile was created. It featured a globe in orbit in the night sky with (4) danglers. Each dangler represented one of the four constellations featured on the new stamp and depicted the actual way the constellations appear in the night sky. A bold and colorful product insert was developed to showcase the product.
    The product was packaged to avoid damage using a chipboard and shrink wrap.

    • 10,000 units were produced and were being sold at the USPS Postal Stores, in the USPS Stamp catalogue and on the USPS website.

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