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Turnkey Services

Just as a finished diamond is created from a lump of coal, Diamond Edge Network can take your marketing project from concept to a full-dimensional, brilliant stone.

Each and every facet is considered in creating the Diamond Edge effect. We produce end products that are as multi-dimensional, taking into account what goes on inside to direct what we do outside. The Diamond Edge effect creates brilliant panorama transforming thought and behavior.

What we do is designed to make you look good because your customer-engagement plan worked.


Creative Services


Design and production of all digital materials, including but not limited to custom website and/or micro-site design, email blasts, interactive and animated sites, web advertising banners, games, sweepstakes, quizzes, trivia, competitions, polling, public vote, etc.


Design and production of all printed materials including but not limited to Direct Response in all forms (full packages, sweepstakes, double postcards, voucher packages, specialty mail), posters and billboards, displays, game pieces and scratch-offs, promotional items.

Video Production

Art Direction and production of all video-based promotions including but not limited to, product placement sponsored content, pre-roll advertising, animated videos.

Technical Services

  • Programming Services using Java, PHP, C#, Office Programming (VB/VBA/C#)
  • Web Development Services
  • Big Data Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Game Development Services
  • Mobile Development Services

Promotion Execution including administration, legal compliance, creative and technical services


B2B or B2C pack out of materials and signage to multiple locations

  • Trips & meet/greet, itinerary preparation and execution
  • Collation and shipment of premium items (sourcing of promo items available also)
  • Refunds, rebates, toll free numbers
  • Prizes (sourcing of prizes available also)
  • Experiential prizes

Diamond Edge Network is the true one stop shop. When you have the Diamond Edge and top notch execution, the results make you smile and you feel good. What will you do with all the extra time? Check out the examples of our work.