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Customer Engagement and Promotions


Customer Engagement Strategy Groups:

Once a week for 4 weeks you connect with other professionals to share ideas and strategies for improving customer engagement and driving sales. Renee Azoulay hosts and moderates the groups.


Professional Interactive Workshops Designed to Teach How to Build Customer Loyalty & Brand Advocacy:


  1. The Art of Engagement Marketing
  2. Elements of a Successful Social Media Campaign
  3. Using Mobile Marketing Effectively
  4. The Impact of Research on Brand Success
  5. Building Better Business Relationships
  6. Promotion Basics

Turnkey Promotion Execution including administration, legal compliance, creative and technical services:

  • Text 2 Win promotions
  • Digital Rewards (e.g. for a purchase, get rewarded with an e-book, music or photo print)
  • Games (online and on mobile)
  • Experiential promotions
  • Social Media promotions (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Sports and trivia games (online and on mobile)
  • Employee/Salesforce incentives and rewards
  • Prefab instant win games and sweepstakes: plug and play (we give you the template programmed to promote your brand and you plug in the creative) easy to do and saves costs over custom promotions.